TACIP to Launch eCommerce Platform for Tanzanian Artists

DataVision in collaboration with Tanzania Federations of Crafts and Arts (TAFCA) is making history for the implementation of the Tanzania Arts and Crafts Identification Project (TACIP) which aims at saving the Tanzanian artisans and craftsmen from a wide range of pressing issues that they have been facing for years.

All artists under the TACIP membership – are eligible to receive a wide range of benefits in multiple areas from their daily activities to financial inclusion. In this phase, the TACIP steering team will be focusing its energy in launching the eCommerce platform to enable artists in Tanzania to reach their clients all over the globe and conduct business electronically.

Below is a brief explanation from TAFCA president, Mr. Adrian Nyangamalle on how the eCommerce platform is going to assist the artisans and craftsmen in Tanzania.

The online marketplace platform will enable the artisans and craftsmen in Tanzania to reach new heights as far as markets are concerned, This platform will be integrated with M-Lipa to enable online payments and the funds will be moved directly to the artists account as float/ balance.