In view of the information pertained to skills dynamics in the Tanzania’s labour force, there is a critical gap that the nation must address if it has to sustain the industrialization demands and accrue the benefits of becoming a middle-income country. DataVision International, being a local company that identifies its work with professional training – among others, intends to intervene by championing tailor-made professional and soft skills training programs in the selected fields of ICT, Statistics, Research, Management and Logistics/Transport.

The overarching long-term goal for the professional training department is to become a leader professional skills development provider in selected fields of ICT, Statistics, Research, and Management and Logistics/Transport.

This service targets personnel on high-level on-job, new job seekers and young consultants with tailor-made, hands-on training packages that will equip them with relevant capabilities to effectively deliver their primary professional functions. The premise of the program relies on the assumption that professional’s on-job and new job seekers have good levels of attainment and qualifications from college/university especially in literacy, numeracy and science, and technical subjects but recognize that they are less capable of effectively delivering their job mandates.