Information & Communication Technology

IT managers are facing challenges in efficiently utilizing the power of ICT to meet the company’s high objectives while simultaneously keeping the operational costs low. Our consultants achieve this by helping building the knowledge about how IT can be deployed effectively to boost performance based on the industry experience. We strongly believe in the power Technology in solving the obstacles faced by today’s managers.

With our R&D knowledge, experience and expertise in ICT and its dynamics, we have helped a diverse range of clients in addressing their challenges in a cost effective and a customer-focused approach. Our ICT solutions are meant to aid quick and informed decision making, planning and forecasting processes by the CEOs and CFOs.

With the rapid increase of ICT tools’ power and business competition, it is with no doubt that most of the industries require to have a sustainable ICT strategy to compete in there industry to assist reaching their objectives and seamless data flow between organizational divisions.


DataVision has over 15 years of experience in designing and implementation of specialized systems. Our team of programmers work with the consultants and R&D Department to come up with fit-for-purpose and reliable Mobile and WebApps to assist our clients in meeting their objectives. We have over 15 years experience in the ICT Industry. We are fun to work with, passionate with what we do, and result-driven.


Effective management of corporate assets is crucial. DataVision International has a team of experts capable of implementing a full range of Asset Management solutions from Software to its hardware peripherals.

Consultants at DataVision International have vast experience in managing large and complex IT projects to ensure that they meet the envisioned objectives.


Based on our R&D practises, we have designed and implemented a vast of off-the-shelf solutions which capture all the business processes in several sectors such as Academic, Banking and Finance, Health and many others.


We work together with companies in to assist them in creating innovative and sustainable IT Strategy which is aligned with their core objectives of the business strategy and assist in the IT adoption process.


DataVision International is an expert in provision of security solutions ranging from medium to high security depending on the requirements and the actual scenario. Issues such as Card Printing & Personalization, Security Surveillance Systems, Electromechanical locking solutions and many more.


DataVision International has a team of well experienced IT professionals who can assist in utilizing ICT without having it inhouse and no need to hire new staff. In the world of today, companies prefer outsourcing as opposed to doing-it-yourself in order to focus on the core objectives, minimizing hidden overheads, and other managerial cost


With the managers’ high demand of the right information at fingertips for decision making, planning and forecasting, independent solutions have proven to be very reliable. At Datavision International, we specialize in developing ERP systems to aid the business processes within the company.


Our experienced consultants have a high expertise in efficiently integrating systems ensuring a seamless communication between two or more independent solutions.