We provide customized research project designing including, statistical design, tool development and testing, tools scripting into our in-house developed mobile application – TIKITI – or other apps as well as data quality controls.


DataVision begins each project with a strategic planning phase, and continues to refer to and refine our strategic approach throughout the study or engagement. That starts with seeking for permits, organizing logistics, recruitment of enumerators as well as creation an analysis plan.


We provide training for our enumerators in cooperation with the clients. Most training packages include classroom-based instruction, in-depth hands-on practice and piloting. Find out more.


DataVision experts collect data using multiple platforms (through field, phones or online) and manage data of varying volumes and complexity with highest quality. 


We offer a full package of data management by starting with handling the data created, storing centralized, managing, processing and analyzing data.


DataVision provides complete data sets and the different required reports to the clients. Through a range of customizable data visualization, publishing, and digital development, DataVision helps ensure your research results reach the people, communities, decision makers, and others who can benefit from the insights created.