Payment & Card Services

For over 10 years now, DataVision International has being an active player in the Payment and Cards Services Arena catering for a range of institutions from private, public, financial not to say the least. We have being evolving over the years to ensure that we are always ahead of the modern technology so as to go beyond our clients’ expectations at all times.

The Payments and Cards Services Department is dedicated to providing the following services to our clients.


We have a fully dedicated team which is focused to implementing Payment Solutions for a range of clients who would like to receive or disburse payments via alternate channels which come with a higher level of security and reliable reports at all times.

We develop cashless eWallets, eMoney Aggregation Platforms, Focused Group Payment Solutions (FPS) and many more.


We have rich expertise not only in secure cards production and their applications but also integration of various secure cards into multi-subject business processes such as access to service like finance, health, food, communication, transport to mention few.

We work closely with our clients to provide solutions that perfectly meet their specific needs.


With over a decade of experience in implementing large membership projects – DataVision International consultants implement the supply of ID Systems to our clients as well.

We supply/ support Identification systems which include but not limited to associated hardware, software, consumables and accessories.


With a high tech perso bureau located in Tanzania, ID Cards offers Card Personalization services to a range of clients such as Banking and Finance. We offer to our clients a fully transparent solution that enables easy tracking and control of large batches of Cards to be personalized in a short period of time.

DataVision International has a hand on experience in the end-to-end process of implementing EMV, MagStripe and Contactless Card Personalization Services.


As the first pioneers in implementing a successful EMVMigration of over 29 Banks in Tanzania from MagStripe to EMV Chip & Pin Financial Cards, we are hughly qualified and experienced in consulting services for issuer, acquirer and the processor of medium to large EMV Migration projects.


DataVision has experience consultants who have being part of large Payment Card Projects and can add value to your strategy to enable maximum returns and appropriate technical implementation of the project for both Prepaid and Postpaid Card Projects.