In all of previous projects at DataVision International in the education sector, DataVision has always collected data on WASH, mostly through observations and assessments of the WASH infrastructures in schools and health facilities. However, over the years, we have also conducted projects specifically targeting WASH directly, for example one of recent WASH related project is the PBR. This was a Water Point Verification exercise that was conducted in all 26 regions of Tanzania Mainland for a time period of four years (2018-2021) whereby at the end of the project, DataVision was able to collect data from 80,000 Water points. This project gave DataVision a lot of experience/knowledge in the water sector.

Recently Featured Projects

JICA through WaterAid (2021-2023)

The focus of the project is to collect the information on current situation of hygiene behaviour in schools and health care facilities through the implementation of pilot activities and compile the findings and knowledge on hygiene improvement in low-resource settings. The aim is to improve sustainable access to WASH services and good hygiene behaviours in 45 institutions (30 schools and 15 healthcare facilities) in Tanzania.

FCDO through Ecorys UK (2018-2021)

Independent Data verification of the Payment by Results scheme in the Rural Water Sub-sector in Tanzania. DataVision International hosted the entire project and co-implemented together with different stakeholders.

UNICEF through RTI Int. (2014)

Baseline of the School Quality Assessment for Education and WASH by administer standardized tools including reading, writing, and numeracy using the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA), Early Grade Mathematics Assessment (EGMA), as well as WASH observation and inventory tools in three UNICEF supported regions.