TACIP in Dodoma

The Tanzania Arts and Crafts Team is in Dodoma with a sole purpose of further expanding the reach of this one of a kind project. Since its inception and implementation until now, this project has a sole purpose of enabling artisans and craftsmen in Tanzania to be formalized and a boon to the innovators who work day and night to come up with their works.

See the images below.

The project coordinator, Mr. Sauli Mpock said that, “We are very excited to expand to one region at a time  in a very good pace. The artisans and craftsmen in all the regions that we have been are so excited to be part of this continuous project with the aim of changing the lives of each and very artisan in our country”.

One of the artisan in Dodoma was happy and pointed out exuberantly, “We have been seeing this project on all media outlets and we are now very excited to know that it is our turn now. I can’t wait for my own TACIP Card”.

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