Our 13 Years Financial Cards Journey

The usage of cards in Tanzania has grown so fast over the past decade with a larger number of people using cards for multiple uses such as Identification, Access, Loyalty, a

nd even on the top notch level of highly secured financial cards such as Debit and Credit Cards.

Although there is a lot of work to be done to increase awareness of using cards in Tanzania, we are more

than grateful to be one of the pioneers in this value chain. It was back in 2006 when we started working with UMOJA SWITCH which by then only had a total of 6 Banks. DataVision International in partnership with ID Cards Solutions were the key people in the Supply and Personalization of the financial cards for the bank.

To date, we are working with over 25 Banks in Tanzania. Over the years, jointly with UMOJA SWTICH, our Payments and Cards Services consultants innovated a couple of solutions to increase efficiency and maximize the overall security for our clients.

Below are some of the cutting edge solutions that we have developed in-house to assist financial  institutions to increase their overall efficiency in the Acquiring and Issuing process

CardPro: This is an internal solutions which enabled the smooth flow of our Card Personalization process by mapping the individual banks unpersonalized cards with the output enabling our clients to be able to track the card flow, output and dispatch in real-time

KadiPap: Upon realizing the inefficiency in the card issuance process, DataVision in partnership with ID Cards developed an instant issuance solution which enabled our clients to issue cards on site completely eliminating the delay times which were initially experienced by their end consumers.

EMV Chip & PIN Cards: Upon realizing the loopholes within the MagStripe Cards which were initially used by our clients, DataVision International and ID Cards Solutions devised a new EMV Chip & PIN Financial Cards which offered the end consumers with a high security features to cope with the modern requirements.

DataVision International in partnership with ID Cards Solutions have jointly worked together to shape the Financial Cards Industry in Tanzania from its baby steps all the way to where it is now and we have vowed to continuously do the same in the coming years.

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