DataVision International has a wide range of experience in conducting heath related surveys. Our experience includes conducting baseline, midline and end line surveys that are health based. These surveys conducted over the years involved a range of health related topics. The topics include but not limited to client exit surveys, MAP FMCG surveys, household surveys, behavioral change surveys such as surveys relating to non-communicable diseases e.g. diabetes, surveys related to family planning, maternal & child health, infectious diseases, and vaccination. As part ensuring quality output from all our surveys, DataVision International has secured associate consults that are experts and have a wide range and long experience in the health sector. These consults participate in the whole process starting from proposal drafting, training of data collectors, and quality control during data collection and report writing.

Recently Featured Projects

T-MARC (2021 & 2018)

Measure of Access and Performance (MAP) of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

The overall objective of this assignment was to conduct a study that Measures Access and Performance (MAP) of social marketed products in the four priority to provide evidence for T-MARC social marketing decision making in product delivery systems.

UNICEF through AAN Associates Pakistan (2020-2021)

Final Evaluation of the Simplified Birth Registration (SBR) System in Tanzania.

As part of its simplified birth registration programme, UNICEF has implemented awareness campaigns including roadshows, radio announcements, distribution of printed material, and community meetings, between 2013 and 2019 in Tanzania. AAN Associates subcontracted DataVision to conduct data collection, both qualitative (FGD) and quantitative (households) for the evaluation in four regions in Tanzania.

PSI Tanzania (2016)

Population Services International (PSI) contracted DataVision International to conduct the Measure of Access and Performance of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (MAP-FMCG) in each of the 26 mainland regions of Tanzania. MAP-FMCG measures coverage, quality of coverage, and numeric distribution of fast moving consumer goods.

Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA) (2015)

The qualitative research was done to set a baseline in terms of compliance to and the gaps in application of the African Women’s Protocol, focusing on availability, accessibility, acceptability, affordability and quality of SRHR, particularly on safe abortion.