DataVision is ready to embark on the Word Bank TAPI TZSS 2015 Project

DataVision has completed the training session for the upcoming Tanzania Firm-level Skills Survey 2015 (TZSS 2015) project contracted by the World Bank. The project aims to study the experience of private sector in Tanzania with regards to the labor market issues to achieve the snapshot of the skill profile of private firms, assessing the skill needs and constraints of the country’s private sector and stimulate policy discussion on issues of skills and training.

The objective of this survey is to provide a baseline of the skills profile of the Tanzanian private sector and to understand the demand and shortages of skills faced by firms in sectors of high growth potential for Tanzania. The findings of the study will inform policy discussions regarding the link between education and training systems and the skills needs of the private sector in the country.

The project will be using internally developed data collection tool – Tikiti to conduct TAPI (Tablet Assisted Personal Interviewing) across Tanzania. TZSS 2015 is aiming at interviewing a total of 390 entities from specified sectors within 5 regions in Tanzania.