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Our Research & Statistics team is fully dedicated with over 15 years of field experience in diverse sectors conducting large and complex research projects in challenging environments. Research and Statistics team has worked with a range of clients who have unique needs with unique challenges.

Ø  Data Services Bureau
DataVision International has over 10 years of experience in handling/ managing data within different projects/ entities. With highly trained staff in data entry, we assure that data quality (timeliness, accuracy,, consistency and completeness) is not compromised at all times by deploying stringent techniques such as: Double-entry and In-built Logical Erroe-Checking Mechanisms.

The Data Services Bureau offers the following services;

-      Data Entry - Offline and Online

-      Data Cleanup

-      Data Mining

-      Questionnare Design

-      Statisical Analysis

-      Bulk Document Scanning

Ø  Data Call Center

Data/information is collected through phone interviews. This low-cost and high efficient tool for collecting data is currently being used by several organizations to collect information from their targeted audiences. The service is used for collecting data for many needs, including the following;

-      Monitoring and Evaluation of Services Delivery

-      Sales and Marketing Analysis

-      Promotion and  Campaign Analysis

-      Exit and Opinion Polls


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Ø  Data Survey

Data/information is physically collected in the field with highly efficient tools for data collection followed direct/ seamless data flow from the field either paper or paperless depending on clients’ requirements

Paper Data Collection: The conventional approach involving data collection via physical questionnaire (paper-based)  followed by data entry after the survey completion.

Paperless Data Collection: An approach which is more time-efficient and accurate data collection approach using tablet devices to collect data on the field and assisted with seamless communication between the device and the server.
See Survey Plaza™ for this approach.


Ø  Assisted data collection services

Service delivered to our clients through the use of “National representative sample” obtained from census 2012 depending on the clients’ interest, objective and requirements.

DataVision has an indepth experience of conducting Research and Survey projects using a range of skills depending on the client's requirements ranging from full conventional approaches with/ without Tablet Assisted Personal Interviewing (TAPI) to web based and mobile surveys. Depending on the client specific needs and requirements, also we can offer one or several or all of the following survey services:

·         Concepts and Hypothesis development

·         Survey Design and Tools development

·         Comprehensive Planning

·         Training of Enumerators and pilot Testing

·         Planning and Conducting: Baseline and Evaluation Surveys

·         Impact Evaluation and Assessment

·         Monitoring and Evaluation


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