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To achieve a competitive advantage in the market of today, Microfinances, formal and informal Savings and Credit Corporatives (SACCOS) groups and other related institution need to let go of the traditional approaches towards managing their operations. Adopting a reliable, efficient and sustainable application to streamline the business operations within an institution can amount up to 80% increase in efficiency and accuracy while minimizing costs and overheads.

SACCOS+ is a multi-modular Information System designed to manage shares, contributions, loans, and other information of members for the Savings and Credits Cooperative Societies with an easy-to-use interface dedicated to assist in capturing all the operational processes achieving maximum control and transparency to all stakeholders.

Equipped with an accounting pacjkage, SaccosPlus stands as an independent solution which can provide all reports about the overall operation within any Saccos Group without depending on any external aid.


The power of SACCOS+ to digitize all the processes within SACCOS groups is SACCOS+ is very helpful in quick decision making, planning and forecasting with the reliable reports attained from the system.


Intuitive and easy to use interface
Quick financial, members and other related reports
Allows SMS Alerts and notifications (Automated and Triggered)

Equipped with Chart of Accounts for all the transactional operations


Maximum control of membership loans and shares
Minimized operational errors
Cost reduction as compared to manual apporaches
Reliable decision making, planning and forecast
No need for external or supporting system/ manual work for financial reports
Improves communication to all the cooperative members


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