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Human Capital is the root of company success and assuring efficient and accurate management is critical to any firm. Effective management of data and information of the firm's human capital is important to the success of any firm. Payroll Professional allows firms to effectively manage human capital on the payroll perspective with the power to produce over 30 useful reports. Payroll Professional helps managers to process payroll in a smart manner, eliminating complexity within the processes and high level of paperwork. With a wide range of reports, managers can make critical decision with confidence and in a shorter time.

Payroll Professional is affordable, giving the client an ability to choose the right package (Gold, Bronze, or Silver Packages) depending on the number of employees, and the extra features that can be important to the company. Payroll Professional can be accessed in both online and offline mode depending on the user needs and policy.

Our application allows managers to access critical reports and undertake comparison over a period of time on different aspects. The reports produced are managerial, accounting and auditing reports which can be used to undertake accurate Planning and Forecasting.  DataVision offers a fully-fledged, Data Entry Service with the undertaking of whole processes and produce reports for the firm.

With the integration to the messaging capability, Payroll Professional can undertake two from of SMS notifications: Auto SMS Notification which gives the users the status of the payroll current status, Specific SMS Notification provides users with their personal payroll status.



User friendly 
Handles Hourly and Monthly Payments
Allows Multiple Bank Accounts and Deposits
Over 30 Useful Managerial, Accounting and Auditing Reports
Allows Multiple Social Securities
Allows Multiple Currencies
Mobile/ Tablet Compatible
Allows to Register More than one company
Handles overtime payments per custom rates
SMS Notification: Auto and Specific SMS Notification
Allows multiple companies
Error tracking capability
Biometric Integration Caoability
High Sophisticated Data Security



Increased degree of Accuracy 
Flexibility and Mobility Nature
Boosts process efficiency
Accurate decision making
Minimized paperwork
Increased transparency
Quick access to critical company's reports


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